Water Fast day 3


Water fasting is fun! (tad sarcastic).

purified water
Grumpy Cat just loves to Fast!

On a serious note, it is truly beneficial and will rid your body of All Toxins. I understand most people are skeptical and do not understand why one would choose to fast. I have enough years of toxicity in my body that I just decided the time is now.

I was introduced to fasting by someone very close to my heart who fasted for a whopping 30+ Days more than once! Como Say What?! He is a true inspiration to me and was the gateway to my interest in fasting and learning how to eat. I am in a sense like an injured young fawn whom is being nursed back to health to be released into the wild.  Surrounded by fast food and Mexican delights. Tortillas and Pizza are my poison.  #breadwhore

Being very new to fasting, and reading numerous articles on the pros and cons, I decided to venture for myself. What a perfect time to dramatically start fresh with a new menu and to re-wire my noggin. So I pre-gamed Hard for the fast; Stocked up on a new water filter <generic brand from Walmart, I’m a gal on a budget 🙂 > Coffee, Zero Calorie MONSTER and lot’s of teas to keep me busy for hopefully a 2 week fast.

Let me give you an insight of Days 1-2

  • I am Hangry, hangry all of the time.  I want to gnaw on my arm.
  • I had a headache most of the day, but this is due to my body ridding of toxins.
  • My eyes were very glossy, and perhaps droopy. Not a good day for a selfie, haha.
  • I consumed about 1.5 gallons of water (I really don’t mind since that is my go to always)
  • I have a variety of teas and concoctions to flavor the yummy H20
  • Ah, the toilette.. we are the best of friends.  Did I mention a water fast will clean you out?  I will let you use your imagination.
  • Serious cravings but I keep telling myself ” Jess, you’ve eaten pretty much non-stop for the last 39 years and 3 months – you can go a week without food.  Maybe 2″

I am a pisces and I absolutely love to swim, so… I took a dip and jumped in the hot tub for about 30 minutes and almost passed out.  LOL.  Apparently, while fasting it is recommended that you take it easy.  I got it now.

Day 3

  • I woke up this morning feeling like P-Diddy
  • No headache today
  • Hardly any cravings, less Hangry
  • Spike in energy
  • Slight nausea but nothing alarming

Below are a few articles and testimonials of water fasting and it’s benefits.  Please feel free to read and let me know what you think.

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