Day 4 all mighty Water Fast

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great day full of Sunshine or a beautiful moonlight (in the event you are on the other side of the world).

Day 4 of this lovely water fast was pretty eventful… I was pumped up ready to go.  I prepared myself should temptation lurk around the corner.  And what do ya know?  It did!  As soon as I arrived to work there it was.  Delicious, dropped down from heaven and caressed by God himself — Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Now let me tell you something about these scrumptious little pieces of Nirvana <Yes! They are that good> The cup cakes are extremely moist and very soft– melt in your mouth ❤  

I took the liberty of snapping a picture from their website to show you a picture of cupcake heaven…

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Oh mylanta it was so hard to turn away, LOL.  Now, I have a sweet tooth and each time I would need to pass by these tiny beautiful pieces of delight I would secretly say to myself “Vila la Resistance!”  — and I did!

Now that was the first temptation, let’s talk about the other one.  I have a lovely friend who loves to feed me, she is a BEAST with her culinary skills.  She was so kind to surprise me with Homemade Ceviche! Oh Mylanta to the second power, I wanted to faint.  Let me show you what I had to politely turn down…


She had all the fixings too.  Oh how I love her and oh how she scolded me for fasting.  My response ” I can eat next week..”

I am feeling good, aside from the fact that I had some serious cravings today and my second weigh in is just around the corner.  I am anxiously waiting to see some results.  Even the smallest of results will mean the world to me.  Scale and spandex ready!  Haha.




Hi guys and gals,

I’m going to be quite honest here… I am seriously ready to eat!  But I have a ways to go.  Would like to share an awesome menu that my beau spruced up based on the 1,500 caloric intake per day.  Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh yeah, and Snacks (I heart snacks).

I am not a big fan of the “Diet” phrase, it’s more than that.  It is truly a change of life, body, mind and soul. I would like to tap into my Chakra but I’m afraid she’s food drunk on past sinful Chillie-dogs, Tamales, and Pizza– currently suffering from a comatose state until I achieve this beautiful Water-Fasting goal I’ve (with no regret) embarked toward.

à la carte includes;

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Yummy veggies
  • Fruits – although I LOVE watermelon, it is high in sugar and said fruit will be consumed on my cheat day.

I absolutely will not give up my pizza, so where there is a will there is a way. I have found healthy alternatives. Definitely a Pinterest nerd! Below are a few pizza recipes that I will rock on when it’s time to grub!  I will however tweak a few ingredients and post the final Bon Appetite for a #nailedit Haha!

Roasted Garlic Spinach white Pizza
Creamed Spinach and Egg Pizza

Please feel free to copy and or share the following menu.  Who knows, maybe you will come on board.  The more the merrier!

Menu master list PDF

Menu master list DOC

Have a Great Day!