Day 4 all mighty Water Fast

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great day full of Sunshine or a beautiful moonlight (in the event you are on the other side of the world).

Day 4 of this lovely water fast was pretty eventful… I was pumped up ready to go.  I prepared myself should temptation lurk around the corner.  And what do ya know?  It did!  As soon as I arrived to work there it was.  Delicious, dropped down from heaven and caressed by God himself — Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Now let me tell you something about these scrumptious little pieces of Nirvana <Yes! They are that good> The cup cakes are extremely moist and very soft– melt in your mouth ❤  

I took the liberty of snapping a picture from their website to show you a picture of cupcake heaven…

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Oh mylanta it was so hard to turn away, LOL.  Now, I have a sweet tooth and each time I would need to pass by these tiny beautiful pieces of delight I would secretly say to myself “Vila la Resistance!”  — and I did!

Now that was the first temptation, let’s talk about the other one.  I have a lovely friend who loves to feed me, she is a BEAST with her culinary skills.  She was so kind to surprise me with Homemade Ceviche! Oh Mylanta to the second power, I wanted to faint.  Let me show you what I had to politely turn down…


She had all the fixings too.  Oh how I love her and oh how she scolded me for fasting.  My response ” I can eat next week..”

I am feeling good, aside from the fact that I had some serious cravings today and my second weigh in is just around the corner.  I am anxiously waiting to see some results.  Even the smallest of results will mean the world to me.  Scale and spandex ready!  Haha.



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