Weigh In

Hi guys and gals!

It’s another beautiful day and so much to be grateful for.  The big man upstairs has been so very good to me and I am always thankful.  Slowly but surely I see and feel a few changes.  I will be scheduled for another water fast sometime soon.  Will definitely keep you all posted and I hope I can go a whole week!  Wish me luck!!

Below are the updated measurements and weigh in 🙂

Weigh-In = 245

( – or + )

-5.77% to goal


Arms 14.5″

Bust 44.0″

Waist 44.4″

Hips 53.0″

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Weight has always been my main challenge for many years, I started to pile on the weight as early as 5 years old. My biological father would force feed us (by us I mean my mother and I) in the wee hours of the night when he would get home from a night out.  Pizza, Jack in the Box, Whataburger– you name it.  Double cheeseburgers with large fries and lets not forget the soda.. He was very abusive, physically and mentally.

What is my excuse you ask, as an adult? Let me tell you a story… eating habits were destroyed at a very young age and eating healthy with moderation was not in the menu. My mother tried to help me as much as she could, bless her heart.  She is my number 1 Fan, and I hers. At a very young age I just quit, and stopped loving myself.  I was bullied for many years, sexually abused and I just didn’t care. I had no one to turn to (well, that’s how I felt). I did not want to be a burden.  At such a young age, how could a child feel that they are a burden?

Now I am here, on this day.  I cannot turn the hands of time, and to be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing.  <<brace yourself, I’m about to go basic with a quote>>

“My past does not define me”

Although at this very moment I feel as if I am swimming upstream, I will not quit.  I am going to love myself, I will achieve this goal, I will stay focused.  No matter the adversity I will succeed.