About it

My name is Jess and I love Cats and Pizza.

Thank you for visiting as I embark on this weight loss journey. I am a 39 year old gal from Tucson, Arizona. Fur momma of 5 cats and a 90’s genre junkie to heart. I have always been a chunky monkey, I would hide cheeseburgers under my pillow as a child and carefully unwrap them to prevent my mother from catching me – but that was a failed mission because she would wait until I would want to take the first bite and take it away from me. (Thank you momma)

Numerous attempts to lose weight throughout the years have brought me here. I’ve tried many. Some were successful and others not so much. It is time to take a different approach and I kick start this journey with a 1-2 week water fasting to reset and begin a new lifestyle to reprogram my relationship with food and for once Love my body.

This is a personal journey. I believe in my heart that God’s creatures are all Lovely at any size. Fun times await and for once, I Am Ready.

XoXo. J


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